Conference Solutions

While conferences may be a bit hectic to both manage and execute, this is definitely not what we would think at Al Oula Events. It is here that our own foundation to better plan and take care of every conference related detail from setup to cleanup has evolved.

Hence, we strongly believe that precise coordination will yield extraordinary results. Our comprehensive list of rich yet tailored conference related services includes :

  • Full consultation and conceptual planning of the event based on an Action Plan.

  • Providing and arranging details for the conference venue, program content, communication channels, technical support, social program in addition to the construction of timetables and Work Flow Grids.

  • Financial Planning and Control       

  • Preparing detailed Cost and Budgeting Plans,

  • Assisting in Implementing Sponsorship

  • Providing electronic and multimedia Communication Systems.

  • Providing an overall- On-The-Spot Direction of The Event.

  • Providing oral and written Progress Reports.

  • Consultation to the concerned committees on Important Issues.

  • Production of promotional materials and giveaways including badges, conference Bags and pens.

  • Handling the registration process.