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Throughout the exhibition for Crops (the 3rd of AGRI-TECH EXPO), producers, exporters, importers, wholesalers and retailers will be targeted for several product lines related to crops including seeding, sapling, seeds, vegetable and fruit production, fodder crops (agricultural foodstuffs used to feed livestock), different fertilizer types (chemical and organic), in addition to agricultural pesticides and related equipment for pest control, being among numerous examples.

To complement the above specified product lines to be showcased, several related products and services will also be exhibited such as packaging materials, measuring and recording devices, smart technologies, in addition to logistics, shipping, transport and handling. By offering exhibition space, generating awareness and opportunities for B2B meetings we will address the needs of all exhibitors and buyers alike.

As part of the accompanying workshops and conference to be staged, papers, studies and projects will be presented by key speakers and experts in the field. While aiming to offer a wide variety of benefits to all parties, we will target the specified segments locally, regionally and internationally By participating, we guarantee numerous benefits to our exhibitors, including gaining increased brand awareness, coupled with increased networking and business-leed generation.
As for buyers, we will ensure opportunities in the form of new product sourcing and gaining new updates in technology as well as on trends throughout the market. 

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