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Being an Expo specifically staged for design and printing materials in addition to placing an emphasis upon their ability to be translated into different formats, our goal throughout PAM DESIGN is to offer a showcasing platform for addressing all advertising related needs in printing, branding, graphics and signage, coupled with the related technologies and latest inventions.


Hence with our vast expertise, commitment and dedication in addition to being a major pioneer in organizing and managing exhibitions, we at Al Oula Events will stage this major event at Zara Expo Venue during which space will be provided to reputable brands in the form of major exhibitors from a variety of sectors and industries for both promoting and displaying their work including (but not limited to):  the latest offset and digital printing technologies, array of material links and stationary, among a vast and rich product range.

Considering the rapid growth of the field for which the expo is being staged, we highly encourage specialized exhibitors to take part by registering asap so as to benefit from the marketing support we will offer through being part of our active social media platforms. During, after and even before the show begins, we will assist you in growing your business. 

Through connecting participant exhibitors from different sectors to visitors and /or buyers from a wide variety of segments from both sides, our event guarantees numerous benefits to all parties concerned. 
Through gathering industry stakeholders not only from across the MENA Region but the globe as a whole, PAM Design is a perfect venue for enabling and supporting both exhibitors and buyers to meet and boost their business objectives in the long run.

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