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4th International Arab Pharma Expo at Zara Expo Amman

At Al-Oula Events, we are honored to host the 4th international #exhibition exclusively dedicated to #pharmaceutical #manufacturing : the Arab Pharma Manufacturers Expo.

To be staged at Zara Expo Venue located in the heart of the capital adjacent to the Grand Hyatt Hotel between July 27-28, overlooking this unique event would be difficult.

Jointly organized by GPE Expo Pvt. Ltd. from India and the Arab Union for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical appliances (AUPAM), the #expo will connect over 108 companies from a large number of #segments within the #industry in #ActivePharmaIngredients (#PIs), #packagingmaterials, #machinery and production lines used in manuafcturing #finished #pharmaceuticals along with #contractmanufacturing and #turnkey #project #contractors among many others, with major #buyer #segments requiring such products and /or turnkey solutions.

While the #exhibition promises numerous benefits for visitors and exhibitors across the entire MENA Region alike- the former in becoming updated with the latest #technologies in the field in addition to finding new cost effective sources for enhancing the quality of their products, networking and new market related trends while the latter in building #relationships and boosting #brandimage, the accompanying #conference in itself promises to be just as exciting.

Presenting major topics through highly reputable experts in the field focusing on key industry related challenges involving the drug #supplychain and the #biosimilars industry alongside others, an “out of the box” experience is also guaranteed for its attendees.

In order not to miss out, hurry up and register.

To know more, we kindly invite you to visit the Event page on Facebook via the link provided below.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Arab Pharma Manufacturers Expo, the activities of which are set to commence in less than a week from now.

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