Al Oula Events Management organizes the largest fashion exhibition

Updated: Jan 14

In a mission of expanding the boundaries of investment in Jordan, Al Oula Events Management came in a part of planning the largest exhibition to support the fashion sector, by hosting international traders to this one of a kind exhibition which is planned to take place at Zara Expo on 15th to 17th of February.

This exhibition aims to showcase all products concerning traders and wholesalers, for the sole purpose of making the process for all peers easier, from buying, leasing and importing. Through the existence of importing and exporting companies, banks and financing firms, this makes it the perfect hub where all business support segments are gathered under one roof. Worth mentioning, the collaboration of Textile and Readymade clothes syndicate, thanking them for their utmost support for our vision and mission in 2022.

We are glad to announce that Jo Fashion expo will be covering all fashion-related areas in the heart of the Jordanian capital, Amman.

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