How to put a facility health and safety plan into action?

When managers implement a health and safety system in a facilities organization, the following elements need to be established:

Roles and responsibilities

Once determined, these guarantee that the parties responsible for implementing health and safety have been identified by the facilities organization.


In order to ensure an acceptable level of health and safety performance, a comprehensive review of the knowledge and skills among the members of the facility organization must be carried out. Hence, training for all levels of the organization must be both documented and reviewed as frequently as possible.

Engaging Employees

It is important to engage communication between employees and leadership regarding safety on a daily basis. Hence, employees have the right and responsibility to communicate safety concerns to leadership.


Through this element, the plan to handle safety communication in the event of an emergency or incidents of a serious nature is addressed. In addition, it addresses how safety concerns and related issues are communicated across the organization.

Document Control

In this program, a master list of all types of documents which may apply such as written programs, procedures, written proposals and safety operating procedures among others. Further, it includes a process for document collection, creation, revision, issue and storage.

Safe Work Practices

Such documents provide clarity regarding the process which must be followed when performing a task addressing safety risks.

Emergency Response Plan

To be followed in the event of a threat or disaster from which a risk to the health and safety of individuals might be posed.

What should managers do to ensure a successful health and safety plan?

If deviations in a health and safety plan are detected, managers must make changes to continuous improvement purposes. Hence in the check phase, both monitoring and measurement are key, with the facilities organization having to develop a process for tracking health and safety metrics.

When health and safety incidents occur, they must also put in place for documenting, addressing and analyzing the incident – a step mandatory for identifying the root cause and prevent a repetition.

Measures such as safety audits, safety tours and safety inspections, are vital because they help identify hazards prior to causing harm. Hence, placing preventive maintenance on safety equipment and systems must be ensured by managers to protect individuals from harm.

In the Act Phase, measures for continuous improvement arising out of the different phases (Plan, Do and Check) are realized with direction led by the leadership of the organization – the leadership being responsible for the implementation of the health and safety system.

While not impossible, implementing health and safety in the workplace is a challenging task. It is also a necessity, to ensure that the greatest asset of an organization- the people, are protected.

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