Improving the safety of the factory through Facilities Management

Overall, safety can be seen immediately from the efficiency of the production of a plant. Safe establishments are characterized by both fewer accidents in the workplace, as well as a higher productivity rate. When all processes and assets are set up to work based on the required standards, with all potential safety hazards and worker injuries being dealt with by operators should they arise, the related additional cost is reduced.

CMMS: Inspecting the security of your facility

Standardizing all procedures and processes in your next generation maintenance management software is the best way in which an effective health and safety program can be established.

With each facility having different needs, a flexible Computerized Maintenance Management Solution capable of tracking, recording and managing information anytime regardless of location needs to be deployed.

Hence, Mobility Work (the first community- based CMMS), which includes all the necessary functions, enables you to secure your facility, in addition to promoting a culture of safety among all its users.

Safety is enhanced through Maintenance Management Software

1. Creating and updating safety checklists

In order to have safe operations, all assets must be in proper working order. Routine safety checklists can be directly applied in the FM Software, followed and updated with every maintenance intervention (both scheduled and unscheduled).

Equipment should also be categorized, with critical components to be checked on a daily basis using safety checklists, since a given piece of equipment might not necessarily be working well every single day.

2. Keeping Track of Asset Location

Uploading all facility plans and maps to your facility management software, and securely storing them coupled with regular advice on when an asset should be removed, replaced or relocated is very important.

Proper planning regarding equipment replacement, ensures that accidents and injuries will drastically be reduced.

3. Inform Employees about Paying Attention to Their Personal Protection

The newsfeed and social aspect of Mobility Work can serve as important tools for promoting and spreading a culture of safety within a facility, with safety pictures, videos and tutorials being accessible among technicians in the field. Hence through this platform, trainings and drills could both be scheduled and organized.

In addition, machines could be connected directly to the maintenance management software, as well as perform maintenance based on the critical warnings received. Further, alarms can be set up to follow up the establishing of the safety routines.

4. Control the Use of Chemicals or Any Other Hazardous Substances

Through Facility Management Software, the flow of hazardous substances within the facility can be controlled. Every step of the process can be critical from purchase to usage and disposal, with it being imperative for every person involved to be both trained and certified.

A facility management software allows you to store and update a list of all employees authorized to perform a certain critical activity.

5. Follow up on the Training and Certifications of Every Employee

With the HR Manager able to control the personal safety records of all employees, these can also be used to comply with occupational health and safety standards. This also permits maintenance managers to work with the HR Department to determine the skills which already exist versus those needed to be acquired by the team.

6. Define the Criticality of a Task

Prioritizing assets allows you much easier tracking on equipment history and critical interventions, including staff involved and time taken for completion, being among several examples.

7. Follow Up on All Obligatory Safety and Compliance Regulations

With every facility having to follow compliance requirements regardless in which industry it operates, Mobility Work can smoothen all your maintenance interventions for forming all round maintenance program.

8. Set Safety track records

Through a next-gen CMMS, detailed historical records can be created, in addition to dashboards and graphs of all safety tasks for identifying recurring problems more easily and predict future issues.

The App Can Be Tailored to the Individual Needs of Any Facility

As a solution used in modern facility management, Mobility Work is highly customizable to address the needs of every business. Automatic updates can be run using this software. Hence, 2 advantages it possesses compared to other solutions, are that it is both user-friendly and cost-efficient.

Considered the product of the future, it is both highly flexible and usable.

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