TCL Egypt hand in hand with FME Jordan

At Al-Oula events, we are highly privileged and honored to have concluded a major Strategic Partnership Agreement with TCL (Technical Chemical Laboratories). Headquartered in Cairo, Egypt.

Being a major manufacturer of a diverse range of hygiene related products, TCL have witnessed significant growth to become a major provider of these products to numerous industries and sectors including hospitality, healthcare, laundry ,kitchen and water treatment just to name a few.

With our upcoming Facilities Management Conference and Expo scheduled to take place at Zara Expo Venue in Amman Jordan between May 10-12,2022, this Agreement couldn’t have come at a better time.

Known for their innovation and constant capability to come up with new products and taking the theme of our upcoming event of promoting and enhancing hygiene and sanitation related practices in addition to our dedication and expertise in the MICE Industry, we believe they will be a major partner and asset in boosting our promotional and marketing efforts throughout the Egyptian market.

We look forward to a major mutually beneficial and long term fruitful collaboration with TCL - a major step in the right direction for all parties.

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