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As a major educational conference and expo scheduled to take place at Zara Expo Venue between August 4-6,2022, Ta3leem seeks to connect exhibitors, visitors and key experts in the highly dynamic educational field in one place.

Whether a College, University, Agency representing an institution of higher education, or any organization operating in this sector, the exhibition promises to be a major asset to its participants in terms of providing them access for showcasing the products and solutions which would enhance student learning, thus addressing the needs of the modern 21st century classroom.

Targeting highly quality oriented educational institutions from across the globe (US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia) among many others while also possessing accreditations of the highest standards, this event promises to be a major platform for its exhibitors in terms of expanding their presence in the region. Besides, it will provide them with opportunities to connect with numerous education professionals, experts, and key decision makers, further boosting the importance of the event and the need to exhibit.

Promising something for everybody, Ta3leem will also be of major benefit to its visitors in the form of potential buyers, whether students, professors, heads of departments and /or procurement, deans, or anyone simply interested in education.

For the accompanying conference which will include workshops, seminars, panel discussions coupled with highly enriching and innovative education related content to be presented by key experts and researchers, it guarantees to be an excellent tool to complement the exhibition.

Given the highly sophisticated facilities we possess at Zara Expo in terms of our exhibition halls and auditorium which are fully equipped to stage B2B events of top notch quality, Ta3leem promises all its attendees and participants a unique experience which they surely cannot afford to miss.

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