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Zara Expo

Being the leading and most suited MICE venue throughout Jordan located in the heart of Amman. adjacent to the Grand Hyatt, Zara Expo offers state-of-the-art facilities for staging conventions. The exhibition facilities at Zara Expo consist of three purpose-built exhibition halls providing approximately 3,000 square meters of high-quality, air-conditioned exhibition space along with internet facilities  and a 300-seat Conference Auditorium. Each exhibition hall has its own layer with organizers’ offices and a dedicated registration desk, as well as under-floor service channels for single phase and communication services.

Located above the exhibition halls, the Conference Auditorium is a unique asset as it offers unique features paving its use for multiple purposes. Specifically, its row seating arrangement could be either maintained or adjusted on demand to accommodate the needs of both the client and the respective audiences depending upon the type of event being organized. In other words, the setting could be kept as it is to represent a theater style if either conferences, concerts or cinema events are being staged or converted to a classroom setting to accommodate a lecture.

Complementing the purposes of the auditorium, the projection screen is used to display the entertainment which the event promises. While currently old, it needs to be replaced with the most sophisticated screen type, to complete the unrivaled uniqueness the auditorium promises. At the back stage of the auditorium, there are 2 Green rooms used for changing costumes, 1 technical operation room, a VIP room, as well as an additional backstage area. Above the auditorium are 2 rooms: a control room for technical (lighting) purposes and a coat room where coats and jackets can be hung up as guests enter.

Like the auditorium itself, the area outside it can similarly be used for multiple purposes. also depending upon the type and nature of the event. If a conference is being staged, it can be considered an area for ticketing and reservation purposes where ushers can greet people and show them to their seats and promotional giveaways can be found. If a party is being staged on the other hand, it can be used as a reception area.

On the same floor, there are 6 offices connected with 4 beautiful terraces, whereby a beautiful view of Wadi Sakra can be enjoyed.

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